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West Indies High Performance Centre

Had my final session today with West Indies off-spinner Shane Shillingford. We have been working together for the past six weeks on re-modeling his bowling action, after he was banned from bowling by the ICC (for an illegal bowling action) a few months ago.

Shane has worked very hard, not only during the technical sessions at the West Indies High Performance Centre, but also on his home island of Dominica, where he has made the most of the limited training facilities available to him there.

It was brilliant today to video his action from all angles, at super-slow-motion speed, and to see no evidence of a bend in his arm. It looks a totally different bowling action now from the one two months ago. He is ready to be tested again.

Video analysis has proved invaluable in this process of action-re-modeling. For Shane and me to be able to dissect each delivery – frame-by-frame – has helped enormously, and given real accuracy to the analysis process as well as a greater understanding for Shane of the mechanics of his bowling action.