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In the Land of Oz

In the Land of Oz

It's great to be back in Australia! Or, so I thought. 

The land of the sun and the surf. And the Brisbane floods! 

Thankfully, the torrential rains and flooding of the East Coast in recent days, which sadly accounted for several lives and several thousand more homes, has now subsided and a huge clean-up operation is underway.

Having just left England's shivering temperatures and foot-high snow, and having read extensively and only very recently about the extreme heat radiating through Australia, more freak weather was the last thing I expected to greet us when we touched down on the other side of the world. 

The grey skies have finally lifted and, after a pleasant evening as Guests of the Australian Prime Minister and a solid performance with the bat (Powell, Sarwan and Russell, especially) against her representative team in Canberra yesterday, the West Indies team flies to Perth tonight to prepare for Friday's One Day International against Australia, the first of 5 in a tightly-condensed programme.

The WACA is traditionally the fastest and bounciest pitch in Australia - arguably, in the world - and we will need to combat that extra bounce when batting and find the perfect length with the ball in hand. The sky is normally bright blue in Perth and catching is never as easy there as it is in cloudy skies.

Really looking forward to practice at the ground in the morning. 

Before that, another flight. Only 5 hours this time!

Bye for now!